Laos: Step Back in Time – 7Days & 6Nights

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**This Tour and Discovery program is setup as a pre/post extension tour. Times will vary depending on pre/post tour option as well as flight arrival. If the program is a pre extension tour and you just arrived to Asia, then we will add 1 extra day for resting after your overseas flight, of course everything is adjustable to cater to your needs and desires.


Welcome to Laos, and step back into time to the enchanted land that still has an underdeveloped feel and open arms for travelers. Our afternoon will start with discovery through Luang Prabang and explore the most interesting sights of this world heritage town along the Mekong River. Many argue that Luang Prabang is the most beautiful city in all of Southeast Asia. The historical buildings are well preserved and the air of ancient time still mystifies the air. On a discovery tour we will start with a visit to the Royal Palace Museum followed by a visit to Wat Visunalat, Wat Aham, and walk up the Phousi Mountain for a majestic panoramic view of the city and the surrounding natural landscape. In the evening we will explore the colorful night market then end the day at our luxury hotel that’s waiting for us!


Our morning of discovery starts with a visit to the Xieng Thong temple; believed to be the city's most striking temple on the bank of the Mekong River. We will also see the majestic Wat Sene. We will then embark onto a traditional long boat trip up the Mekong River to visit the famous Pak Ou Cave. Images of Buddha adorn the upper section of the cave. We will also visit Ban Xanghai, a quaint village known for making traditional Laos rice whisky and Ban Phanom, known for its hand weaving and natural dyes. We will continue our day to Ban Xangkhong and Ban Xienglek, small villages well known for silk weavings and for Saa (jute) papermaking. We will end the day back at the hotel for some much needed rest!


Our day of discovery will start out with a visit to the Elephant Park Project. Laos used to be called “the land of a million elephants” for many years before its dwindling population of the Elephants. The project protects these elephants and integrates them into different aspects of tourism while maintaining the health and wellbeing of these magnificent creatures. Here the Elephants found a new home in Laos. Your visit will include an instructional class on how to ride an elephant and thrilling elephant ride! We will continue this amazing day with a boat trip to the Tad Sae Waterfall and spend some time in the clear water before return back to the Elephant Village. We will have lunch at the Elephant Village Restaurant and then head back to the hotel in the early afternoon so you can explore Luang Prabang on your own, have a spa afternoon or just relax at the hotel!


We start another beautiful day of discovery around 8am for a drive to Xiengkhuang, famous for the ‘Plain of Jars’. The road follows a twisty mountain route, and we make our first stop at Houi Hei, which offers great views of the surrounding mountains. We will continue to Ban Kiu Kam Pone, a Khmu village to explore, for a short time, before arriving in Phou Khoun for lunch. We continue on the road into Xiengkhuang province, reaching our highest altitude of the day 1500m above sea level, just after Phou Khoun. We have time to make a stop at Ban Son Boom, a Hmong village, where we will get to see and understand a little with how the Hmong people live. Our final stops of the day are a reminder that this region played a major part during the Vietnam War – as we visit a hidden Buddha Cave, which served as an army hospital during the war and our final stop of the day. We will arrive at your hotel by early evening, it’s been a long traveling day. Have sweet dreams tonight back at the hotel!


This morning we will have an educational start and visit the Mines Action Group or MAG office to learn about the work they do in clearing land mines and unexploded ordnance in the area. We then transfer out to the picturesque Jar Site 2, and begin our 1 hour hiking trek along the ridge to the impressive Jar Site 3, consisting over around 150 jars located on top of a hill, offering great views over the surrounding countryside. In the afternoon we visit Jar Site 1, the largest site, containing over 300 jars, before returning to your hotel by late afternoon.


Our last full day of discovery will start with a flight to Vientiane, the Capital of Laos where we begin with the oldest, Wat Sisaket with thousands of miniature Buddha statues and the former royal temple of Wat Prakeo, which previously housed the famous Emerald Buddha Image. On the way to Lao’s national precious heritage; the famous and sacred structure of That Luang Stupa, you will have the opportunity to take some pictures of the imposing Patuxay Monument, which is well known as Vientiane’s own Arc de Triumph. Enjoy the afternoon and evening after a long day. Tonight is the night before departure, don’t forget to pack!


Today is our departure from Vientiane; we hope you have loved this journey of discovery as much as we do. Laos is a country that is building up moment and building faster and faster and before you know it will look like every other major country in the world. It’s great that you have had the opportunity to visit it before it changes too much from its original state. Have a safe trip home and continue a wonderful journey through life!

**Please not this is only a sample itinerary we have created which features the highlights of visiting Laos in a 7 day period. We have a completely customizable itinerary so depending on the amount of times you have and the amount of things you want to see, we will make adjustments accordingly! We have Vietnam as our main destination visit and the other countries as pre or post extension tours just to give you an idea of planning your trip. Of course our goal is to make your trip to Southeast Asia as great as possible so let’s work together and create what is best for you!