Meet Our Team

Founder and Managing Director - David Truong Dang Duy

The hospitality industry has been my home base since 1992.  I am willing to share my travel experiences to every corner of Southeast Asia. Furthermore, I have extensive experience in the inbound and outbound markets. I have been traveling with my groups all over the world for 15 years so I know what is expected and desired when our clients reach the other end of the globe. And I make things happen. My goal is to see to it that everything is done with such efficiency and precision that the only thing you have to do is enjoy sights and wonders of your trip!

Our Product Team

Our Product Team is a talented group of men and women who have been working together over the years. We source and compare the most competitive rates for every destination. We compile a thorough and speedy response to every proposal. We have suggestions which bring a real allure to an itinerary. We maintain a close oversight of all booking details. Experience has taught us how to avoid problems before they have occurred.

Our agents are very skilled in the artful business of ticketing and they assist with all air and ground travel arrangements. We also handle everything from Visa assistance to customized itinerary building, from gala dinners to things as small as making sure you have water and moist towels when you return back from excursion! Every phase of the trip handles as smooth as silk. You will receive the attention and warm personal consideration which we know is at the heart of a care free trip.