On the Water

Southeast Asia has some of the most beautiful beaches and Islands in the world that can cater to all types of needs. Want to relax and be a beach bum for 2 weeks? We got it! Want to take Scuba lessons and swim with Whale sharks? We got it! There is so much to do and see in this region along the water ways because of the vast and complex water systems as well as being surrounded by oceans! Let us customize a package for you where you can still see the highlights of the region as well as get in some good beach and relaxation time!

Not only are the beaches and Islands incredible to see but southeast Asia also has 3 of the most fascinating places to see as well. Ha Long Bay, the Mekong River and The Irrawaddy River. Each place has its own ecosystems, own way of local life and all have breathtaking scenery. Let us customize a unique tour package for you where you can experience these natural wonders by land or by water.

Ha Long Bay - Vietnam

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  • Offering multiple day cruises through Ha Long Bay
  • See the floating villages inside HLB
  • See the most majestic views from the comfort of your onboard suite
  • Cruise through Ha Long Bay on a luxury junk boat with amazing food and impeccable service
  • Kayak through the bay as well as climb into caves to discover!

Mekong River - Thailand, Laos, Cambodia & Vietnam

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  • See the local way of life from the comfort of your private boat and/or sampan
  • Experience luxury living onboard as you eat exquisite food and drink decadent wines
  • Pass through the floating markets and see how local trading starts every morning
  • Witness the beauty of freshness as fish are pulled out of the Mekong and latterly sold at the local market 5 minutes later while they are held in containers with air tubes put into them
  • Visit the local factories where they produce everything fromcandy and rice paper to bricks and local artisan handicrafts. This is a fascinating aspect of the Mekong!
  • Discovery the sights and the sounds of the small villages located on the islands of the Mekong.
  • Discover how local life and the Mekong go hand in hand. Because of dams being built up the river, the Mekong Delta may not exist in the near future, so see its beauty while you can!

Irrawaddy River - Myanmar

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  • See the large variety of unique species that is home to the Irrawaddy
  • Cruise through the Irrawaddy and its tributaries on a high end luxury cruise ship or a small boat.
  • See all of the transportation of goods along the Irrawaddy
  • See the local life and how everything is done in the river from fishing and eating to working and bathing.
  • See how the delta is irrigated by the Irrawaddy
  • See the majestic views of the temples and pagodas of the along the river, make sure to always have your camera ready!